Chivalry Is Alive

 Chivalry Is Alive

Dear Editor:

Chivalry is alive and well in Rockaway!

Last Monday, I was walking with two of my friends on Rockaway Beach Boulevard when I stumbled and fell. I scraped my knee and elbow and split my chin, which bled profusely.

I had no idea how bad I looked with blood dripping down my shirt and a dazed expression on my face. My friend had a cold water bottle that I put on my chin.

Total strangers stopped to help. One woman gave me her towel that I was reluctant to accept for fear of getting blood all over it. Not only did she insist I take it, she would not give me her name or number so I could return it washed and cleaned.

Once I caught my breath, I tried to get up when another stranger stood behind me. He told me he’d help me up, put his hands under my armpits and, on the count of three, hoisted me to my feet. I joked, “glad I lost 10 pounds.”

These kind neighbors then offered to drive me home, but thankfully, I was able to walk the few blocks with my friends’ help. As we walked on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, another total stranger pulled up to the curb and offered me a ride.

Only in Rockaway.

PS. No broken bones. Many thanks to all who helped. The towel is clean. If you’d like it back, please call me.

Barbara Berg

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