For My Daughter, Ava

 For My Daughter, Ava

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone on behalf of the entire Conklin Family.

Thank you for the countless love and support from Broad Channel, Rockaway, Breezy Point, Roxbury, Howard Beach, Manhattan and beyond.

Thank you to the Department of Sanitation for their understanding and devotion to my family in these difficult times.

Thank you, on behalf of Jenn Duffy, to all her clients who offered us so much affection and humanity.

Thank you to Ava’s employers, Terence Tubridy and In Good Company for all their kindness and compassion.

Thank you for the never-ending support we received from every person and every organization that showed us comfort in any way they could.

Thank you for the hugs, the prayers and for picking us up at our lowest point by showing us all the love you have for our daughter, Ava.

Thank you to my hometown for the white ribbons that were hung on every tree and pole in memory of Ava.

I would like to leave you with the last written words by Ava Conklin, “I love life, thank you!” These words not only help keep Ava’s memory alive for us but serve as an expression of inspiration for not just me but for my whole family and our dearest friends.

Words can never express how grateful we all are, so I will just simply say thank you & we love you all.

Matthew Conklin

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