Jamaica Bay Sea Gate

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Katie McFadden for an informative article about this massive project. I have many questions about the use of sea gates to control flooding during a severe storm and the ecological impact on Jamaica Bay. I am not an engineer but it’s obvious that a tremendous amount of water would be funneled through two relatively small openings on each tide cycle which occurs twice a day. The current at the open gates would be tremendous as the tide change occurs. It would most certainly create a navigation hazard for commercial barge shipping and pleasure craft. The fisheries would also be impacted in ways we cannot know. How could all of the marine life that inhabit Jamaica Bay navigate this barrier?

Finally, the water flow restriction would prevent a full flush of the back bay areas, causing the water to stagnate. Last but not least, who is going to maintain the sea gate and pay the cost of upkeep?

Dennis O’Kane

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