Latest Beach Update

 Latest Beach Update

NYC Parks and Councilwoman Joann Ariola have been providing weekly updates on the latest developments on the beach as construction takes place. Here’s the latest according to Councilwoman Ariola.

Groin work is ongoing at Beach 125th Street and Beach 130th. The Beach 125th groin will be complete in the next two weeks, shifting all attention to completing the Beach 130th groin, which is more than half-complete. The sand and shoreline are open from Beach 117th to Beach 122nd for non-swim activities. Access is available from the boardwalk at Beach 117th, 120th, and 121st Streets. The accessibility mat from the ramp at the west side of Beach 121st will be available from Friday afternoon until Monday morning but will be taken up during the week to allow trucks to pass.

Dune work is substantially complete between Beach 141st and Beach 137th, with the wall and stones in place and sand graded with zig-zagging mats for access. Work continues on excavation, stone placement and sand grading between Beach 137th to 133rd. Work will begin next week removing the current dune and piledriving east from Beach 133 toward Beach 129. This will shift the open swimming area westward by one “bay,” with swimming available between Beach 137th to 140th instead of Beach 131st to 134th.

As in the past, some areas of the beach will be closed to public access due to active construction; we ask that visitors stay out of these areas even when construction workers are not present, as there may be hazardous conditions such as depressions, loose stone, and unstable sand. Other sections have “haul roads” where trucks traverse the beach to the active work areas; in these areas, the sand and shoreline are accessible for sunbathing, walking, surfing, fishing, volleyball, and other sports, but lifeguards will not be present, and swimming is not permitted. Please exercise caution when traversing the “haul road,” and note that the sand may be uneven through the construction area.

Photo by Joe DiLalla.

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