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What’s the latest with beach openings and closures? Councilwoman Joann Ariola and NYC Parks released some updates.

According to Ariola, reinforced dunes have been completed between Beach 10th to Beach 17th Streets, Beach 67th to Beach 82nd Streets, and Beach 143rd to Beach 146th Streets. New accessibility mats have been installed over the dunes in these sections. Groin work is currently ongoing at Beach 125th Street and has begun at Beach 130th. The groin at Beach 120th has been completed and the work area is being cleaned up; access will be reopened from the Boardwalk at Beach 117th, 120th, and 121st within the next week. Within the boundaries of District 32, the beaches from Beach 74th to 86th, Beach 93rd to 109th, Beach 112th to 115th, Beach 131st to 137th, and Beach 144th to 149th will be open, with swimming allowed when lifeguards are on duty throughout the month of June. Beach 88th to 91st, Beach 110th and 111th, Beach 116th to 124th, and Beach 141st to 143rd will be open for sand and surfing only throughout the month of June, with no swimming. The areas are still accessible for sunbathing, walking, surfing, fishing, volleyball, and other sports. The closures in District 31 during the month of June are Beach 124th to 131st, and Beach 137th to 141st.

According to NYC Parks, in District 31, Beach 10th to 13th, Beach 15th to 18th, Beach 29th to 38th, and Beach 58th to 65th will be fully open for swimming in June. Beach 13th through 15th and 18th through 28th will be open for fishing and sunbathing. Beach 38th through 57th are fully closed due to piping plovers. Beach 67th to Beach 72nd are open for surfing and sand use.

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