New Developments at Floyd Bennett Field

 New Developments  at Floyd Bennett Field

Dear Editor:

From the announcement of the migrant camp being placed at Floyd Bennett Field, everyone, except apparently those running the camp, knew it would be a disaster. The recent decision to move the migrants stationed at Floyd Bennett to James Madison High School reveals to us what we all already knew, this camp is unsustainable.

Several months ago, the federal government greenlighted the plan to erect several tents at Floyd Bennett Field. Countless members of our community said it was a horrible idea. Tents will be too cold in the winter, the tents will not withstand the high winds, the base is at risk of flooding.Despite these many warnings, our state and federal leadership proceed with this disastrous plan.The fact that they will have to temporarily move these migrants into an active high school is shocking, but not surprising.

Our community cannot handle this crisis. Cars are being stolen, stores are being robbed, and people are being accosted by migrants begging at their front doors. The fact we are spending millions for this camp that this makes our community less safe is a slap in the face to all the hard working families that call Rockaway home.

The federal government must secure our border and the Governor and Mayor should listen to the people in their communities and reverse these disastrous policies. Everyone knows this will only get worse, it has been a failure of Local, State, and Federal officials, this isn’t governing.

President Biden, Kathy Hochul, and Eric Adams have failed us. Secure the Border. End Sanctuary City and State Policies, and End the Lease.

Tom Sullivan

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