Paul King to Run for Congress (CD5) in 2024

 Paul King to Run for Congress (CD5) in 2024

Republican Paul King will challenge Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks in the November 2024 election for New York’s CD 5.  King announced his candidacy Tuesday morning, December 5, on the Sid & Friends radio program with Sid Rosenberg.

King, a fixture in the Rockaway community, ran for Congress in 2022. Despite presenting the strongest challenge to date against Meeks, King still lost by a wide margin to the 25-year incumbent.

“Just as Tom Sullivan made steady progress after his first run against Joe Addabbo, I know we can build upon the base we created last year,” King said. “People know the country is headed in the wrong direction and desperately want change, not the same old same old from Washington.”

The main theme of King’s campaign will remain the American Dream. “In addition to creating policies that help hard-working citizens succeed, we now need to aggressively attack the things that are holding them back,” he said. King cited lawlessness, the reallocation of resources from needy citizens to migrants, and the persistent high cost of living as three key factors undermining families. “Each of these problems is rooted in bad Federal policy,” he said. “I know how to solve these problems.”

King’s company has helped state and local governments save more than $1 billion by working smarter. “Imagine how much we can save at the Federal level… and what good we could do with that taxpayer money,” he said.

King met with the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, last Saturday and is enthused by the prospect of working with him. “Johnson wants to get Congress back to doing business the right way, actually debating and voting on individual bills instead of passing massive pork packages,” King said. King was also impressed that the Speaker allowed his members to make a vote of conscience on expelling George Santos.

Locally, King looks forward to getting back into communities around South East Queens. After spending nine months on the trail in 2022, it is clear to him that immigrant communities –be they Hispanic, Guyanese, Bengali, or Sikh– all have conservative values. African American homeowners are very committed to the American Dream. “We have so much in common. We can fix this city and our country if we can get past the partisan divides,” King said.

Paul King is a true believer in America but clear-eyed about the challenges we face together. He is also a strong, consistent voice for unity and American values. You can read many of his Letters to the Editor on his personal site, Our Flag Is Still There (

Mr. King, an entrepreneur, has lived in Rockaway since 1972. His problem-solving business celebrated its 30th anniversary last month. As a civic leader, he is a member of Community Board 14, President of the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association, a board member of the Rockaway Republican Club, and a coach and longtime supporter of Rockaway Little League. King and his wife Margaret Powers have three daughters and two grandchildren.

New York Congressional District 5 includes the entire Rockaway peninsula and large portions of southern Queens from Queens Village to Richmond Hill to Howard Beach.

Mr. King’s 2022 website ( is still operational. A new website ( will launch before Christmas.

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