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Hey, Wrestle Talk Fans! I hope all of you had a Great Week! Let’s dive into the world of pro wrestling news!

Vince McMahon is back! Yes, you heard it right, and this is not going down well, with many fans and talent alike. Vince McMahon resigned last year as he was accused of using company profits as “hush money” payments that involved him having a relationship with a staff member. But his return to the WWE doesn’t appear to be for him to take charge of the company. Vince’s return is to oversee the sale of future television rights and ultimately, the sale of the WWE. The day-to-day operations have not changed at all and now, the talk is when the WWE will be sold. We will keep you updated.

We have an update on the apparent knee injury that was suffered by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins on January 2, 2023, in a match against Austin Theory. It was revealed that Seth did not suffer a knee injury as previously reported. The injury was a work and part of the storyline.

Former WWE Superstar and now AEW Superstar Saraya, formerly known as “Paige,” revealed on a recent interview that WWE COO Triple H had spoken to her on why she left the WWE and a possible return. She stated that Triple H offered her an on-screen general manager role with the possibility of wrestling again.

Speculation is running high on whether or not Ronda Rousey will stay on wrestling with the WWE, as she is no longer the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Rumors are saying that she wants to do a run for the Women’s Tag Team Championship with her friend Shayna Baszler. Ronda has also been vocal, about the WWE pushing Shayna Baszler to get a bigger role within the WWE ring.

The Question of the Week comes from Kenneth F. in Rockaway Beach, and he asked “Do you feel Mercedes Mone aka “Sasha Banks’” debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling was impactful? Can, she be a top star in Japan?” Great Question Kenneth! I do feel that Mercedes Mone will have an impact in NJPW. Her debut at Wrestle Kingdom wasn’t what I expected, but give it time and the Japanese fans will grow to like her. Also, there is no WWE programming in Japan so many fans might not know her because of that. Let’s give her some time and I believe she will do just fine in NJPW.

Keep those questions coming in to and have a great weekend!

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