St. John’s Welcomes First Baby of 2023

 St. John’s Welcomes First Baby of 2023

It’s a New Year Baby! Not long after 2023 began, Rockaway natives Samaria and Raymond Rodriguez-West brought a brand-new baby into the world at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Baby boy Noah was born at 3:03 a.m. on January 1, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and measuring slightly over 19 inches.

“Baby Noah is the first baby of the New Year at St. John’s Episcopal. We wish an abundance of health, joy, and happiness for the new growing family! Congratulations! And a Happy New Year to our community!” St. John’s said in its announcement.

St. John’s showered baby Noah with gifts to celebrate the momentous occasion of his arrival. Gifts, generously donated by the St. John’s ICARE Foundation and the hospital, included diapers, baby books, baby care essentials, a stroller and car seat, a diaper bag, clothing and a baby monitor, courtesy of Jzanus–a Long Island-based company and a valued business partner working with the Episcopal Health Services, Inc. team and supporting the St. John’s ICARE Foundation.

“We are very pleased with the care that we received at St. John’s,” Mr. West stated. Ms. Rodriguez echoed his sentiments by saying, “We highly recommend delivering your baby at St. John’s. It was an excellent experience.”

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