Rockaway Expats Populate  The World

 Rockaway Expats Populate  The World

Those who travel often find people they know in the strangest places. A former Rockaway resident sitting at a café on the Champs Elysees in Paris spotted a couple walking toward the Arc d’Triomphe. When they were approached, one of the men commented “It’s a good thing we are here with our own wives.”

That chance meeting happens more often on American soil. A Far Rockaway alum, formerly of Arverne, now a snowbird to Florida, stopped in at a Del Ray Beach restaurant for a “nosh” and ran into a table full of ex-Rockawayites who meet there every Friday for brunch. He’s now a regular on Fridays while in Florida.

Pictured here (L-R) Mike Laden, Marty Storch, Gene Stuttman (standing), Alan Cooperman, Bob Nesoff (standing) and Larry Mazur. Photo Submitted by Bob Nesoff.

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