Rockaway High Schools Empower Women

 Rockaway High Schools Empower Women

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By Theresa M Racine

Women’s History Month is a month where we celebrate all women, and their accomplishments. Locally, on March 2, Queens South High Schools kicked off that celebration with an Empowering Sisterhood event made for all women.

On March 8, 1857, women garment workers in New York went on strike. On March 8, 1917, women in the Russian capital of Petrograd protested and went on strike, demanding food and the end of the empire. Four days later, they were granted the right to vote. Historians debate which event sparked International Women’s Day, but the world agrees—women deserve celebration on March 8, and throughout the month.

On Saturday, at the Beach Channel Education Campus, they held an Empowering Sisterhood event that included a brunch. The event served to encourage, empower and connect women from all walks of life to come together and celebrate each other, pour into each other, and express the power that women have when they recognize the strength of sisterhood.

Shazmima Ali, principal of the Rockaway Collegiate HS, Dr. Katwona Warren, principal for Rockaway Park High School, Namita Dwarka, a Deputy Superintendent of Queens South High Schools, all gave short speeches at the event to encourage parents and students to empower one another. Rockaway Collegiate High School Assistant Principal David Serrano, also helped to plan the event.

Activities included a sip and paint led by parent coordinator for Rockaway Park High School, Jasmin Marin and Lakia Echols, community-based organization directors for Rockaway Park High School, a body scrub making session led by Jazmin Novoa from Rockaway Collegiate, tumblers by Jennifer Rondon, a parent coordinator for Collegiate High School, plus yoga and mindfulness with Abeo Ife from I am Yogi Studio. The event also included making vision boards and jewelry.

Delicia Davis, author of the book, “Get Glowing,” spoke on the healing journey to overcome personal and professional hardship. She encouraged others in the room to affirm who they are and go after their goals with brilliance and boldness.

Sonja Webber-Bey, a Rockaway resident for 47 years, a former community liaison for Senator James Sanders, and a parent activist and teacher, spoke to the participants about the importance of taking care of yourself and creating a network of support.

Overall, the event was energized, educational and empowering for all the women and girls in attendance.

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