Rockaway Republicans Club Meeting

The Rockaway Republican Club (RRC), which has not met since before the pandemic, will hold a general meeting on Tuesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club. The featured speakers will be 2022 candidates Tom Sullivan (NYS Assembly) and Paul King (U.S. Congress). “Rockaway was an important force in last year’s election,” said King. “We had the best turnout in NYC. We need to leverage that strength to revive our city and to stand up for American values.”  Mr. Sullivan will reflect on his experiences from a controversial election that saw him deliver an upset victory on Election Day but lose the seat after court-mandated ballot curing.

The RRC is looking for new members to join the club and participate on committees such as National Issues, Local Issues, Election Victory, and Young Rockaway Republicans. Local Republicans are asked to RSVP at

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