Summer Classic Coaches

 Summer Classic Coaches

By Keith “Bugsy” Goldberg

Every Summer Classic team has now played at least once, and it will be a full schedule of Monday through Thursday for the next few weeks.

Two main elements of the success of the Summer Classic are our sponsors and our coaches. These are our teams and their coaches this year.

2nd Grade: Team Will – Callie Mullin and Tess Kuhlmann, Harbor Light – Mike Friedman and Tommy Coates, MeatUp Grill – Brian Kelly and Caroline Chelales, Friends of Memorial Circle – Chris Gatto and Lucy Kuhlmann.

Girls Grammar Junior: George Clark Realty – Katie Henry, Clare’s Bears – Mike Pesetti, Brooklyn Window and Door – Ed Dennis, Beach Bagels – Kerry Brady, Neinast Team at Corcoran – Mike O’Brien, Pro Auto LTD – Kelli Tirado and Jeanine McDonald, J & E Industries – Casey Vitale and Megan Keiley, The Storage Place – Lisa Hayden and Tom Burns, The Wharf – Joe Visco.

Girls Grammar Senior: Creamer Street Realty – Terence Moriarty and John Ronayne, Rockaway W.I.S.H. – Maryanne Hanning, Mullin Basketball Camp – Matt Courtney, Ronin Consulting – Ed Dennis, Trinity Wiring and Security – Fiona Mullen, Leahy – McManus Basketball Camp – Lucy and Tess Kuhlmann, Pipin’s Pub – Sharlotte Greene and Allie Wagner, DJ’s@Work – Victoria and Caitlin Mullen.

Girls High School: Walter Blum’s Giants – Randy Neiswenter, Bugsy’s Band – Kristen Donovan, Alexia Mousouroulis and Dimitri Sirakis, Callie’s – Casey Althoff and Greg Percoco, Bonnies – Mike Sammon and Bob Attanasio, NF Beauty – Larry Hawkins and Joe DiBenedetto.

Boys Grammar Junior: Walsh Properties – Bryan Henry and Billy Heeran, Rockaway Hotel – Bryan McKinnon Doyle, Graybeards – Peter Brady and Timmy Riches, Rockaway Times – Colin Courtney, Ridgewood Bank – Greg Hearn, All Seasons Mechanical – Mike Corvi and Charlie Marquardt, Denis S. O’Connor, Inc. – David Graves and John Hutton, Healy’s Pub – Curtis Borgstede and Danny Donohue.

Boys Grammar Middle: J. Caiazzo Plumbing & Heating – Matt Belford, Simply Strong Construction – Casey Sullivan, Bungalow Bar – JoJo O’Grady, La Sorrentina – Curtis Borgstede, Cloudlinx – Craig McDonald and Joe Kenel, McManus Mechanical – Eugene Brennan, New York Surf School – John Raphael, T. Moriarty & Son – Ellen McDonagh.

Boys Grammar Senior: Flynn & Flynn – Joe Visco, SFDS Catholic Academy – Pat Nash and Paul Casares, Pizza on the Point – Pat Hayden, Creamer Street Realty -Terence Moriarty, CALLAHEAD – Mike Clark, – Charlie Marquardt and Shane Gauvard, ReMax Elite – Timmy Hayes, Revived Residential – Chris Gilroy and John Briody, Kill, Wood, Ace, Mann & Delaney – Danny Klein, Curran’s Superior Meats – Mike Brenna, Rockawave Volleyball Training – Marie McGoldrick, Melons – Don Powell and Ed Minson.

Boys High School: Sand-Bar Contractors – Bob Leckie and Joe Featherston, Paul’s Bicycle Shop – Erik McManus and Paul Peterson, Super Seats USA – Joe Loconte, Pinto Novelty – JR Riley and Tommy Coates, The Parents’ Choice – Terry Greene and Dan Edwards, R. Tyne Painting – Joe Courtney and John Ronayne, Bedford Funding – Joe Harkins and Jim McCool, Blue Bear Risk Management – Sid Rosenberg and Ryan Moran, Bay Ridge Financial Group – Mike Friedman, Seany Pizza – Richie George, Rain Guard Construction – Ryan Woerner, Serenity Car Service – Matt Glynn and Kevin Moroney.

Graybeards playoffs begin tonight at St. Camillus while the Men’s Open resumes in the SFDS schoolyard. Women’s Open will continues soon on Mondays and Tuesdays at St. Camillus.

Photo by Paul King.

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