Support for Tribute Park Mosaic

 Support for Tribute Park Mosaic

To the Editor:

As a homeowner and former long-time community activist and resident of the Rockaways, I was mortified to learn recently that the NYC Parks Department and Friends of Tribute Park were planning to move, re-do, or dismantle/destroy the Tribute Park Mosaic, in disregard of the wishes of Rockaway’s 9/11 families and the Rockaway community at large.

The Tribute Park Mosaic is a singular artistic creation that reflects the important recent history of this community. As such, there is no question that it must remain in place. The artist who created it, Patrick Clark, has assured the community it is more cost effective, easier and quicker to restore it, rather than move, re-do or dismantle it. We all need to stand up for preservation of these artworks honoring the memory of our beloved 9/11 victims.

Vivian R. Carter

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