Some homeowners are reluctant to give me a key to their property. They are naturally concerned about the safety of their possessions. I can’t blame them, and I don’t argue with them about it. However, there are several important reasons to give me a key: Prospective buyers often shop on the spur of the moment. I’d get a call and try to arrange for appointments to show some of my listings. Sometimes the sellers are available for a showing and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they aren’t even home. Consequently, I show the homes which are most accessible which might fit the buyer’s parameters. I try to make future appointments with the buyers and sellers for the inaccessible listings. This can sometimes be very difficult, and it can even hinder the chances of selling a property.

Some sellers give me a key with specific instructions to call first on a home number and/or a cell number. They may also stipulate certain ground rules regarding which days and times that I can show the house, and I am glad to comply. The key is a very useful tool in selling a house. Call me. Love, Robin.

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