The Mermaid Final Chapter

 The Mermaid Final Chapter

I kept going to the shore waiting and waiting for the return of my mermaid, but to no avail. Finally, one day when I arrived, there was a message in a bottle from my mermaid. It read as follows: “I am sorry, but my time on land with you must end. You are a very special person, and my time with you was the most enjoyable that I can remember. However, you overstepped boundaries that I can not ignore, and this is the last communication I will have with you. Please respect my wishes and do not try to find me. I also believe I have found love here in the sea with my own kind, and I hope you can too. Goodbye and good luck.”

As I read with my heart shrinking, I tried to think of what the boundaries were and where they existed. I was saddened that she decided to end our time together instead of trying to work through my mistake since our love had been so strong. So, although I have many fond memories and still hold out some hope, I must accept that my mermaid is gone, and I will not see her again. My mermaid’s happiness is all I ever wanted for her, and I hope she finds it along with peace of mind in the future. Au revoir my love—because au revoir does not mean goodbye forever.


The Mermaid’s Last Poem

I miss holding you so tight

I miss your loving touch

I miss kissing you good night

I still love you so much

I am laughing on the outside

But inside I know I cry

I hope you will come back to me one day

And that’s the reason why

There’s just no forgetting you

I wish I could say

That the memory of your love

Will fade one day

There’s just no forgetting you

Even though I should

But with all of the love we shared

I only wish I could

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