Three Leap Day Babies Born at St. John’s

 Three Leap Day Babies Born at St. John’s

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital’s team members were filled with excitement as the hospital welcomed three new babies on February 29, 2024, also known as Leap Day.

Babies born on Leap Day are commonly referred to as “leaplings,” “leapers,” or “leapsters” due to the additional day in the month occurring every four years. The likelihood of being born on Leap Day is roughly one in 1,461, which makes three babies at one hospital an even more special event!

The beautiful newborns arrived in the early hours, with Hely Ixcoy Cheche, a charming baby boy making his debut at 1:48 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. 12oz. Wilda Zidor, a lovely baby girl arrived at 2:44 a.m., tipping the scales at 5 lbs. 12 oz. Completing the delightful trio, Safistou Traora, a beautiful baby girl, entered the world at 7:34 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz.

“It is so special for parents to choose St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and to then have them give birth to their babies on such a magical day! Leap Year is such a special day, only occurring once every four years. It is truly a pleasure to support and serve this community and to know that we had a place in helping to guide these new souls here,” Dr. Jacqueline Marecheau, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology said.

Each family received a special gift basket from the St. John’s ICARE Foundation, including a canvas baby bag with clothes, wipes, bibs, booties, a “Far Rock Raised Me” onesie, a baby toy and book, along with a one-month supply of Luvs diapers, donated by the Allied Foundation.


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