Arguments Heard at Floyd Bennett Field Hearing

According to a press release from Councilwoman Joann Ariola and Brooklyn Assemblywoman Jaime Williams, the hearing for the Floyd Bennett Field injunction case went well on Thursday, January 18, with plaintiff attorney John Ciampoli laying out a strong case against the shelter, highlighting the hardships it puts upon surrounding communities as well as the illegality of the placement of the shelter within a National Recreation Area.

“Today was a good day in court,” Councilwoman Joann Ariola said. “Ciampoli made a clear, compelling argument against the shelter, and made sure that Judge Sweeney was well aware of the burdens the Floyd Bennett Field complex is placing upon those neighborhoods within its vicinity. We now await the court’s decision on the matter.”

“We made a very strong case in the courtroom today,” Assemblywoman Jaime Williams said. “We urged the court not to compromise the safety of our communities, the education of our children, or the essential services that our neighborhoods rely upon. All of these things would be in jeopardy if the Floyd Bennett Field shelter continues to operate, and I believe we made this very clear to Judge Sweeney. Now we wait for his decision.”

Judge Sweeney granted the City and State’s lawyers two weeks to respond to the submission of additional exhibits and arguments from the plaintiffs, and the ruling will follow afterwards.

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