Dear Mayor

 Dear Mayor

Dear Editor:

Mayor Adams,

You know as well as I do that the Floyd Bennett Field Migrant Camp is unsustainable. It’s time to get the migrants out of there and close that Tent City down. The winter has barely begun and already you’ve had to evacuate them because of a winter storm. By law, there should have been an evacuation plan. Clearly there wasn’t since you decided to kick children out of James Madison High School and house the migrants there. That was completely unacceptable!

Last week, the wind chill was seven degrees with wind gusts up to 50 mph! How is that working out for the migrants living in tents?

Word on the street is that there are or were 25 migrants from FBF being treated at Coney Island Hospital for Tuberculosis! How many students at JMHS and people at CIH were exposed to a disease that was eradicated in the USA decades ago?

How many millions of dollars are being wasted on nothing more than an attempt by Democrats to change the demographics of their constituencies? We know what you’re doing! You know what I call that? Systematic Racism.

All the good people of Rockaway and Marine Park who have struggled, sacrificed, worked hard and saved their money to live in a nice, safe neighborhood are being put in danger! Migrants are knocking on doors begging for money, even entering people’s homes, harassing people on the street, shoplifting, driving unregistered cars. They’re banging on the windows of cars stopped at red lights, looking for rides because they’re cold! They’re throwing themselves in front of moving cars for lawsuit purposes.

How many bicycles, wagons, etc. will be stolen from people’s yards next summer? How long until this turns violent? Armed robberies? Assaults? Rapes? Murders? How long until a migrant walks into the wrong yard or house and catches a beating or gets shot?

Enough is enough, Mayor Adams! Do your job! Respect the people who put you in office! Come down off your high horse and do right by the legal, tax paying citizens of your city!

Shame on you!

George Johnson

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