By Jennifer Kelleher

Recently I find myself thinking about decisions. Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” With that, I invite you to pause for a few conscious breaths, to let go of the pressure that comes with having to choose, and to land right here.

Research shows that we make over 35,000 decisions daily, starting when we decide to get out of bed in the morning and ending when we surrender into sleep. When you think about it, almost every moment of every day is a choice. How does knowing that make you feel? You can choose to let it feel overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting, or you can see it as empowering. You have a choice, you have power and control over your life, and your decisions matter.

If making decisions is difficult for you, you may be experiencing decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is when we make poor decisions or simply can’t make a decision, and it happens when we are tired, stressed, or mentally or emotionally exhausted.

However, do not fret! Here are some tips that will set you up for success in your decision-making:

1. Take care of your needs. As mentioned above, decision fatigue and overall fatigue are directly related. When we are well-rested, fed, and free of pain, we make decisions quickly, easily, and with good judgment. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep, nourishing yourself with nutritious food, breathing fully, exercising daily, getting outside, spending time with people who fill you up, and dedicating some space to quieting the mind, listening, and reflecting.

2. Make the important decisions first. Our ability to make good decisions declines as the day goes on. After an adequate night’s sleep, we wake up with a full cup. As we go about our day, our cup empties and it takes longer and becomes more difficult to make good decisions. The best time to make decisions is in the morning. A 15-minute meditation around 4 p.m. is a great way to refill your cup and increase your decision-making ability throughout the afternoon.

3. Rely on routine. Remove the guesswork and simplify your life by following the same daily and/or weekly structures. Routines throughout your day, week, and month can serve to help keep your needs met, while reducing the number of decisions you have to make.

4. Schedule your week. I like to schedule my week ahead on Sunday. I keep my live schedule in the ‘Notes’ section of my phone and add things as they come up. My schedule includes the things that I have to do and the things that I want to do. Scheduling helps me to remain present throughout my day because I don’t have to think about what to do next, it’s already planned and written for me.

5. Remove distractions. Avoid making decisions when distracted. If you are having to make a decision and feel stressed or pressured, I recommend carving out some quiet solo space to become present. Yoga (particularly the breath-work and meditation aspects of it) is great for calming your nervous system and filling your cup so that you can make intelligent decisions.

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