Justice for Ava

 Justice for Ava

Dear Editor:

I am appalled by the behavior of some of our fellow residents lately. The memorial for Ava Conklin has become the epicenter of vandalism and race-baiting in our community! People seem to lack basic decency or respect for a grieving family who has lost their child. I personally witnessed some of this vandalism by a group of young students let out from school who thought it was funny to horse around by her memorial, even throwing parts of it at one another! What makes this even more revolting is that, per reading last week’s edition, someone thought it was a good idea to leave a racially charged note in defense of the man responsible for her death. I can’t fathom how a full-grown adult thought it was a good idea to not only come up with such a poor excuse for why Daniel Sails should be left alone, but to place it directly on the memorial itself! Whether or not Mr. Sails killed Ava Conklin by accident or not doesn’t change his level of responsibility for her death, even less so does his race shield him from prosecution before the law. If Ava’s parents are reading this, do not settle for the misdemeanor charges. Mr. Sails meets the requirements for second-degree manslaughter in the state of New York (A class C felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a substantial fine). “Under New York Penal Law 125.15, a person can be prosecuted for manslaughter in the second degree if they recklessly cause the death of another person.”

According to various medical studies, sleep deprivation carries the same effect on a person’s mind as alcoholic intoxication. This means Mr. Sails chose to drive while he was not in his right state of mind and this poor judgment recklessly caused Ava Conklin’s death! Melinda Katz needs to be reminded that she has to get justice for you, not look good for the progressive left.

Katie Larkin

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