Opposition to Alma Development

Dear Editor:

Dayton Towers Board of Directors is writing to express strong opposition to the development currently proposed by Alma Realty on its Surfside property found between Beach 105th to 108th Streets and from Shore Front Parkway to Rockaway Beach Blvd.

The proposed development intends to construct 20-story buildings and more than 2,000 additional housing units added to their existing buildings. For perspective, Dayton Towers—already listed as one of NYC’s largest Mitchell/Lama Co-ops—has 1,752 units over two properties with almost twice the physical footprint of Alma’s proposed development. Shoehorning that much housing into such a small footprint portends Social and Urban planning problems that would harm the community. Though Alma proposes parking, it will not cover the marked increase in vehicular traffic in the area, which will lead to traffic congestion, and parking problems for every Rockawayan. Further, a building this size will draw tremendously on the community infrastructure and undermine safe evacuation from the peninsula due to population density increases. Everything from street drainage to the electrical grid will be stressed. Further, Alma’s record as a good corporate citizen and landlord is wanting. As recently as Jan. 6, 2023, New York Law School reports Mayor Adams along with the Corporation Counsel filed two lawsuits against them for hundreds of violations including, “…defective wiring, missing fire doors, lead paint, rodents, and deteriorating facades. Alma has previously been sued by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development twice.” — Veronica Rose, City Law Fellow, NYLS Grad, Cityland

With this record of neglect, matched with an undeniable exercise in corporate profit grabbing over responsible urban planning. It is far more likely that Surfside will mirror Florida’s collapsed Champlain Towers than resemble the utopian presentation Alma promotes this project with. It is no small irony, that profit inspired disaster in Florida occurred in a town named Surfside.

To understand Rockaway, be in possession of a modicum of wherewithal and knowing the long established, shameful record of Alma, should lead any clear-thinking person to oppose Alma’s plans. Dayton Towers Board of Directors’ opposition to Alma’s proposal is resolute. This hyper-development is dehumanizing in social terms, bad for Rockaway’s infrastructure, safety and it follows: bad for our future. Upon learning of the full scale and scope of Alma’s proposal, the Dayton Towers Board of Directors voted unanimously to reach out to elected officials, news media organizations and our community board to affirm our position, which is: Alma Realty should withdraw its proposal and divert whatever capitol it has accumulated to sate the needs of the residents in the buildings it currently runs. Failing that, civic leaders, elected officials and the community join us to say, “No.” to Alma for all the rationales provided above.

Thomas Kerr, President
Dayton Towers Board of

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