Thank You

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Sean, for bringing the lifeguard requirements to our attention. My father has been expressing the very same concerns to very deaf ears for the past 20 years. We did attend the meetings when the Y first came to the Peninsula. It was met with deaf ears stating that they needed basketball courts more than they needed a pool, to quote a “community official.” Bottom line, it is far more cost effective to build basketball courts than swimming pools.

We appreciate your concern, but were you at the community meetings and voiced your concerns? We hope that you were because more people need to get involved. We appreciate your article but again this is coming 20 years too late. Also, I don’t know if you were familiar with the debacle at Beach Channel HS about 40 or 50 years ago, unfortunately, the architect drew a straight line on the plans rather than a sloped line and the pool that was meant to teach swimming, scuba diving, etc. for the “Oceanography program” was a modified bathtub. All swim teams needed to go to Far Rock HS to practice and compete.

Thanks again for all your help though maybe someone will listen to you. Thanks again!

Adriana Sullivan



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