Rejecting Alma’s Proposal

 Rejecting Alma’s Proposal

Dear Editor:

I am a resident of Surfside for many years and I strongly oppose Alma’s development on this property. Below are just some of the reasons.

  1. This proposed development is not on an empty lot. It will be a construction site for the 2,000 residents that already live here and the construction will go on for quite some time! This greatly affects our quality of life.
  2. Alma is requesting zoning changes … to add buildings that are double the size of the existing buildings, to reduce the number of feet required between buildings, to allow buildings to use sidewalk space. This will endanger the current residents and our community! There is no room on this property to build this development!
  3. This development will use all the parking lots (and there are very few parking spots outside these buildings especially in the summer), the green and open recreational space throughout the property. It will also change the sunlight, nature, add shadows and airflow to the existing apartments and the adjacent properties around Surfside. These are just some of the things that the people of Rockaway and visitors love!
  4. Surfside is in the middle of a very high-volume vehicle and pedestrian cross-section. There is way too much traffic already because of other developments that were built.
  5. Surfside property is located on the narrowest part of the peninsula which is three blocks between the Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. We are extremely vulnerable and are identified as a Flood zone 1 with water tables rising.
  6. Environmental issues include air, noise quality, emergency services like fire, police, EMT, public safety, hospital and healthcare, schools, evacuation strategy, roadways and traffic congestion.
  7. Rockaway residents are already experiencing restrictions and limitations from all the development going on. We cannot endure anymore development. There is no room!
  8. Lastly, Alma Realty should work on making the existing Surfside buildings safer and cleaner. Every day, there are problems with the elevators, heat and hot water and the cleanliness of the buildings. They lay off staff constantly, treat them horrible, and there are not enough people to keep these buildings safe and clean. The conditions have continued to get worse through the years. In addition, Mayor Adams filed lawsuits against Alma on other buildings they own! Why would anyone allow Alma Realty to keep building when they clearly do not take care of the properties they already own!

Teresa McManus

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