While the term “Rockaway Beach” is often used interchangeably to describe the peninsula as a whole, it is in fact its own unique neighborhood. It begins at around Beach 98th St., going eastbound, the first use of the 11693 zip code. Rockaway Beach is home to the 100th Precinct, one of the two NYPD stations that serve the neighborhoods of the Rockaways. The A train crosses into Rockaway within the boundaries of Rockaway Beach and the western side of the line in Rockaway makes two stops in the area at Beach 90th Street and Beach 98th before rolling into adjacent Rockaway Park. Beach 94th Street is technically an extension of Cross Bay Blvd. and shares a large parking lot with 95th Street, just off Shore Front Parkway.

It is here where you will find a brand new amphitheater and you are just steps to the boardwalk. The amphitheater is often the site of meetings, performances and other activities. It is the hub of the boardwalk. Just up the steps, during the summer season, you’ll find poster-sized photos of the finalists of The Rockaway Times Photo Contest held each year.

What’s new? Parks of all kinds line the boardwalk. Skate parks, dog parks, and parks for children dot all of Shore Front Parkway. Connolly’s will be serving up frozens all summer and Restaurant Row is as sumptuous as ever, with the latest addition of Smoke and Barrel.

Photo by Krysztof Koscikiewicz

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