Seeking Serenity

 Seeking Serenity

By Shane Kulman

Dear Enchantress,

I’ve always been a sensitive soul, deeply attuned to the emotions and energies around me. While this sensitivity allows me to connect deeply with others, it often leaves me feeling overwhelmed, especially in chaotic or intense situations. How can I embrace my sensitivity as a gift while also finding balance and protection from its overwhelming effects?

Thank you in advance.

Dear Seeking Serenity,

Your sensitivity is indeed a precious gift.  Your energy brings the depths of human connection and empathy. Embracing it requires a delicate dance between vulnerability and self-care. Begin by cultivating awareness of your boundaries; your noticing is your power. There is no perfection here.  Boundary setting can feel messy and like you’re “doing it wrong.” Recognize when emotions threaten to pull you under and give yourself the needed breaks. This means establishing practices that ground you in moments of overwhelm, a loving discipline. If you can make it a game, that’s the best way. Get in nature, and do nothing, or take a hike or a walk. Soothing music, or a hand activity of self-expression, like knitting, watercolors, etc. Nurturing self-compassion and offering yourself the same tender care you extend to others.

Seek allies on your journey, have some trusted homies, a mentor, or a community of kindred spirits who understand the nuances of sensitivity. Surround yourself with those who honor and celebrate your unique gifts, providing support and understanding during times of tumult. Remember that vulnerability does not equate to weakness, but rather serves as strength.  That’s the path to authenticity and connection.

Finally, honor the ebb and flow of your sensitivity, like breath, and the ocean. See the moments of higher intensity as an opportunity of strength and a call to self-care. Embrace the beauty of your empathic nature while honoring the need for balance and protection. And the best thing about being a sensitive seeker, who desires connection is that within the depths of your sensitivity lies resilience and wisdom waiting to be discovered. So, celebrate that! You are not here to be fixed; you are whole and perfect as you are. It’s society that is not always ready for you, and that’s “the game.” I wish you grace and gentleness.

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