Trust Your Intuition

 Trust Your Intuition

By Jennifer Kelleher

I invite you to take a few deep and calming breaths to come down from your mind and land in your body. Once you feel settled, let’s move into an exercise. First, tap into what a “YES!” feels like in your body. Think about a time when you were faced with a decision and your answer was an undeniable “YES!” without any hesitation; a confident and immediate “YES,” no doubts about it. What did that feel like in your body? Spend some time sitting in this feeling of “YES!” Next, take a few breaths to come back to the present moment and connect with what a “NO” feels like. Remember a time when you knew your answer was a definite “NO.” What did that feel like in your body? Reconnect with the feeling now.

This exercise is meant to help you tune into your intuition. The body is incredibly intelligent and always trying to communicate with us. However, because we live in a society where there is so much emphasis on brain smarts, our ability to tune into the body and interpret its signals can be lacking. By doing this exercise regularly, you will learn what a “YES!” feels like in your body, and what a “NO” feels like in your body.

Then, when faced with a decision, you will recognize the feeling your body has in real time and can start to trust this familiar sensation to help you make the most aligned choice.

One of my greatest mentors, Dr. Sue Morter, teaches that Spirit talks to the body, and body talks to the mind. Is the mind listening? The mind has the ability to move very quickly, and it can easily become overstimulated by the world around us. The body moves at a much slower speed, so when the mind is overfiring, it is impossible for it to catch the body’s signals. However, if we intentionally slow the mind (we can do this with the breath) and focus it on the body, not to label or judge, but rather to observe, we begin to hear the wisdom of Spirit.

A lot of people I meet are looking for direction. It’s important to understand that one’s direction is not out there, but rather inside of his or her own system. Sure, we can receive signs from the divine projected out in the world around us, but those signs appear more frequently when we are in a state of presence.

A natural reaction to a challenging situation can be to get anxious and impatient, wanting clarity and change for our future now. “What does my future hold?” “I’m unhappy, I need a change. Should I change my job? Should I pick up and move?” I think I’ve said this before in one of my articles: Our future is shaped by our current level of presence. Instead of focusing on escaping the life you’re in, bring your attention home to where you are now. Work with and love into that which is in front of you. Make your present energy something that will attract an aligned future. Humble your mind, slow down and listen, take care of your body and home, nurture your relationships, set healthy boundaries, have a spiritual practice, and trust that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey of life. Where you are today is equipping you for your future.

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