Spring Daily Routine

 Spring Daily Routine

By Jennifer Kelleher

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” -John C. Maxwell

I invite you to get really present and take three slow and conscious inhales and exhales. Forget about everything else for these three breaths. Do not rush them, allow them to take up space.

How do you feel? How was that exercise for you? Did you notice your mind trying to hurry the breaths? Were you able to come back and stay on task until the end? I encourage you to do this simple practice at least once each day to start to train your mind, just like you would your body by going to the gym. Notice the effects as you practice with consistency.

Whenever we transition into a new season, I like to take some time to reassess my daily routine and modify it to fit where we are in the year, where I am in my life, and the goals I have set for myself. Oftentimes, I find that my body naturally craves a change around the start of a new season– our cells are wise and intuitive, and they instinctively begin to express differently as our environment shifts. By staying aware and listening, we can consciously work with this natural momentum so that it benefits who we are becoming.

As we move toward spring at the end of the month, how will you re-set yourself up for success? John C. Maxwell’s quote above highlights the importance of what you do on a daily basis. I invite you to have some fun brainstorming your balanced routine for spring. Be realistic, including your obligations, and also adding in some of the things that your soul has been craving. To make it sustainable, start small and simple– it is the little things we do regularly that create the person we are becoming and the life that that future version of us will live.

As you think about this, if you feel overwhelmed and like there are so many pieces of your life that need attention, I invite you to remember that by adding in even just one new healthy habit that’s in your control, you are positively affecting all areas of your life. Where do you feel most drawn to start? How can you realistically improve your diet?

Exercise more? Practice better sleep hygiene? Nourish your home environment? Take some time to reflect on where you are with your health, physical activity, home cooking, home environment, relationships, social life, joy, spirituality, creativity, finances, career, and education. Where do you want to focus?

By shifting your focus and getting excited about what you are adding in, you will naturally begin to crowd out some of the not so helpful parts of your current daily routine. Once you get going, it’s like dominos– one healthy change will always lead to another, and before you know it, your body and life has transformed.

If you’ve never been to Ocean Bliss Yoga, or if you’ve been away for a while, this is your invitation to come join us for a class or workshop. The consistency of incorporating just one yoga or Pilates class into your week can bring big benefits to your life. Sign up at oceanblissyoga.net. For Private Yoga, Pilates, Sound Baths, or Health Coaching Sessions, call me at 917-318-1168.

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