Sullivan on City of Yes

 Sullivan on City  of Yes

Dear Editor:

After attending numerous Civic meetings and Community Board meetings, the people of this district have given Eric Adams a resounding “NO” to his City of Yes plan. Assembly District 23 is made up of residential neighborhoods and we want to keep it that way. When will our state representatives stand up for us and fight against City Hall? Our representatives in Albany are silent. City Hall is trying to radically change the housing make up of our communities. This plan will lead to the overdevelopment of residential neighborhoods, and it seeks to increase housing density to allow for more commercial activity in these areas.

The City defines this plan as the following: “NYC plans to modernize and update our city’s zoning regulations to support small businesses, create affordable housing, and promote sustainability, part of Mayor Eric Adams’ vision for a more inclusive, equitable ‘City of Yes.’”

The plan aims to eliminate some single-family zoning and loosen regulations on residential dwellings, which could lead to overdevelopment and strain on existing infrastructure, such as public transportation, schools, healthcare facilities, and housing affordability. The plan’s focus on building more affordable housing may not address the root causes of the housing crisis, such as high property taxes and burdensome regulations. Instead, it could lead to increased demand for housing, driving up prices and making it even more difficult for families to find affordable housing.

This plan further undermines the ability of local communities to make decisions about their own neighborhoods, leading to a loss of local control and a lack of input from residents on important issues that affect their quality of life. The plan could infringe on property rights by forcing property owners to accept more development on their land, potentially reducing property values and negatively impacting the character of established neighborhoods. The plan’s focus on building more affordable housing and reducing regulations could lead to overcrowding and increased strain on public safety resources, such as police and fire departments, potentially compromising public safety.

Councilwoman Joann Ariola is the only representative in our district who is standing up against City Hall’s plan. I am proud to support her in her fight against this plan. I say No to the “City of Yes.”

Thomas Sullivan
Assembly District 23

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