The Rock Swearing, Logan Paul WM 40 & Bray Wyatt in the HOF???

 The Rock Swearing, Logan Paul WM 40 & Bray Wyatt in the HOF???

Welcome to another week of Wrestle Talk! Thank you to all our fans for sending in all the emails. Now, let’s dive right into some wrestling news!

The big news of the week is The Rock, and his swearing or his choice of words on his promo on the last Smackdown Show. Reports coming in state that his language was flagged by the FOX Network. But reports are also saying that all of The Rock’s promos are sent to the FOX Network in advance, and they review and bleep out any language they deem inappropriate. So, that leaves the question that if the FOX Network did in fact have an issue with his language, then the Rock would have never used it. What are your thoughts about this? Send us an email.

We here at Wrestle Talk want to wish a Happy Birthday to AEW World Champion Samoa Joe as he turns 45.

Also, a Happy Birthday to AEW Superstar Brody King as he turns 37.

WWE U.S. Champion Logan Paul has confirmed his match for this year’s WrestleMania 40. He will be defending his title in a 3 Way Match against Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. Now, I am not a fan of Logan Paul, and I hope either Kevin Owens or Randy Orton beat him for the U.S. Championship. I also hope that Mike Tyson beats Logan in the scheduled boxing match.

In a recent X posting, WWE Superstar A.J. Style has taken to social media to tell L.A. Knight that he will not see him on the Smackdown Show. But he will definitely see him at this year’s WrestleMania 40. This is setting up for one hell of a match. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

AEW Superstar Matt Hardy’s contract is scheduled to expire at the end of March 2024, and it’s being reported that he is involved in negotiating another contract with AEW. Matt has publicly stated he is very happy working with AEW, but if he doesn’t re-sign with the company, he would be fine with it.

There are heavy rumors about the late Windham Rotunda “Bray Wyatt” being posthumous inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame Class of 2024. Now, these are just rumors, but I really hope it does happen. We will keep you posted.

The Question of The Week comes from Andrew H. in Far Rockaway, and he asked, “Will we ever see Chris Jericho return to the WWE?” Hi Andrew, in wrestling, we like to say, “Never Say Never.” Now, with that being said, Chris Jericho himself has said during a recent podcast that he loves working for AEW and that he doesn’t see a reason why he should leave AEW. I have to say, if the money is right, we could see a possible Chris Jericho return to the WWE. But, at this time, I believe he is quite stable at AEW. Thanks for the question!

If you have a question or comment, please send it to and have a great weekend!

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