St. Camillus / St. Virgilius MVPs of the Week

 St. Camillus / St. Virgilius MVPs of the Week

By Bill Swensen

The St. Camillus/ St. Virgilius basketball program is underway with 150 local kids from 4th grade to 8th grade, playing in the Girls and Boys leagues. Here are some standout players this week.

Maggie Palisi Girls League

We may have to change the title of these articles from “MVPs of the Week” to “Maggie’s Corner.” She has earned this honor for the third time this year, more than any other player in the league, and it is well deserved. As the playoffs began this week, Maggie dominated once again. She is simply an unstoppable force on the basketball court. This week, she led her team in scoring and just took over the entire game. Her 14 points propelled her team to a convincing playoff win.


Shane Tubridy – Junior Boys League

Shane is an all-out, total effort at all times player. He does everything on the court. He handles the ball and controls the offense. Then he gets back on defense and causes havoc for the opposing team. His 12 points led his team in scoring but that was not the story of this playoff game. His team was trailing by 3 points with 30 seconds left on the clock. This is the time when the big-time players step up and Shane certainly did. With the whole season on the line, Shane nailed a dramatic 3-point shot to tie the game. This shot made it possible for his team to pull out a dramatic 2-point victory.


Michael Clark – Senior Boys League

This is the second time that Michael has earned himself the MVP award. Michael is the general of this team. He is the player that brings everything together and turns his team into a well-oiled machine. He may not have been the player with the most points, but he was the player with the most important points. Whenever the opposing team thought they were going to pull ahead, Michael would hit a big shot to dash their hopes. His leadership was clearly the determining factor that allowed his team to secure this playoff victory.

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