The Lighthouse Welcomes Author Seth Bornstein

 The Lighthouse Welcomes Author Seth Bornstein

The Lighthouse, currently operating in Coastal Market on Beach 109th, recently welcomed esteemed New York City native and author, Seth Bornstein, for a special event. Bornstein, known for his community support in Rockaway and Queens, came to share his captivating book “Swimming to Jerusalem.” He shared insights and pages with a captivated intimate audience this last Thursday evening at the Lighthouse in Coastal.

The evening unfolded as the sun set and streamed light through the windows at the Lighthouse and offered attendees a unique opportunity to delve into Bornstein’s narrative and engage in intimate discussions about this literary journey. For attendees, the intimate evening was a chance to connect with Bornstein and other neighbors and enjoy some ice cream.

Bornstein’s book signing and celebration was hosted by Shane Kulman and Jess Charitos and curated at Coastal Market. After this past winter collaboration with Sam Friedman, owner of Coastal, Kulman and Charitos will continue to showcase artists’ work, and curate celebrations and experiences tailored to folks that want a special and personal experience. Also returning are Monday night ice cream socials with optional art making! Charitos launches her bougie breakfast bowls, which will be available June 1 at Coastal Market, Thursday through Sunday, ongoing through the summer, 9 a.m. to 12 noon-ish. Coastal is located at 108-19 Rockaway Beach Drive.

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