One very useful advertising tool in the sale of a property is the sign. The word-of- mouth publicity which is created can be formidable. People who are NOT shopping may be more aware of this listing and tell their friends about it. House hunters sometimes drive around looking for house styles and blocks which appeal to them. Also, people may notice your home and become motivated to purchase it even though they are not actively looking to buy.

Some sellers do not like the idea of having a for-sale sign. They don’t want to answer questions from neighbors about why they are selling. If so, then it’s just another reason why the seller NEEDS ME. Why? I am very willing to work on a listing without a sign, although I advocate using it. My advertising (website, Rockaway Times, internet search engines, etc.), plus my experience (I know all the “players” in Rockaway) and my expertise serve to bring in prospective buyers to view the listing.

If you have a sign on your property and competing brokers complain, then ask yourself why are they complaining? Ask yourself if those competing brokers would be happy to put their own sign on your property! Call me. Love, Robin.

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