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Passion is a fuel. Passion is also a Mom of invention. Passion produces good feelings.  Passion lights the way for real change. Passion reaches one. Passion reaches many.

Twice recently in two separate places – not here – I was told yes, what I ordered was definitely gluten free, wheat-free, oat-free. And within minutes upon walking, the allergic reaction started. I was surprised because I am always very clear about the effect. Maybe cross-contamination. Who knows?

Last month, when I was having a meal at Rocco’s sitting at the bar enjoying, I asked which gelato was gluten-free. The month before when I was there, they told me the chocolate was gluten-free, so I had it.  (Yes, about a monthly house-made gelato hits the spot.) This time the Chef came out and told me I could have only the “pistachio,” the only one that didn’t have “stabilizzante” as he didn’t know exactly what was in that.  I was happy I was able to have one!

The other night after a long busy day on my way home, I stopped there to eat, have a glass of wine and chat with some of the staff before their dinner rush. They are family-like there. The person behind the bar told me that the Chef told her when “la signora” came back to call him out. Chef Bruno came out to tell me I could now have many flavors of gelato because he spent time calling the company, calling the company back and spending an hour on the phone to get all of the ingredients – exactly. So there is no wheat or oats or gluten in it and I am safe to have it. I had vanilla.

I love his passion for, first of all, making things handmade.  And then it was bothering him that maybe what I or anyone was eating from his kitchen may not be safe. So he took the time to find out. I would say it is important to him just by the couple of conversations I had with him, that each person enjoy his offerings with ease.

It is about attention. It is about being present. It is about being happy in what you do.  It is about one-pointed focus. And compassion. And knowing. Sounds to me what we talk about a lot in our yoga classes, and in our sharings. And then add in passion. What a feeling to be fueled by passion. Passion to be the best we can be. For ourselves. For others. Passion to be fiercely determined. And then giving of oneself.

Chef Bruno is passionate about being a chef. Thank you, Chef Bruno.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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