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 A Local Star

Dear Editor:

Thanks, Sean McVeigh, for highlighting the Jennifer Lawrence comedy “No Hard Feelings” (in ‘McVeighing In: Laugh Out Loud 11/9/23’). In addition to scenes being filmed at Connolly’s, we can also point out the film has its own strong Rockaway connection in that it co-stars Rockaway Theatre Company alumnus Andrew Barth Feldman. A young man of many talents as an actor, singer and dancer, Andrew got his start as a member of RTC’s Young People’s Theatre Workshops. Later he graduated to RTC mainstage productions, and I had the pleasure of working with him in my first theatre production, “Follies.”

For dramatic reasons, the cast, some twenty-four actors, was often called to completely freeze in whatever action we were doing for long periods of time. Heaven help you if you had a foot outstretched or an arm held up when that happened! Playing a waiter, Andrew often got caught extending out a tray. If I was near enough, out of sight of the audience it became a comedy of me getting a subtle supporting hand under his to keep his arm from falling off.

Andrew went on to many productions at RTC. In middle school he even started his own musical theatre company, Zneefrock Productions. A musician, singer, and songwriter, he wrote, directed and produced his own shows, notably a musical Star Wars parody, proceeds of which went to the Next for Autism non-profit organization. This was just one of many charitable endeavors he continues to undertake.

Such is Andrew’s talent that just a few years ago at age 16, he was chosen to play the lead in “Dear Evan Hansen” on Broadway. He was the first actual teen to star in the role. Additionally, his credits include television, musical concert presentations, films, videos and his own song releases. He’s also studying at Harvard. And now he is co-starring with Jennifer Lawrence and noted in The Rockaway Times!

Andrew Barth Feldman is a most sincere, caring and warm-hearted individual. A pleasure to all who have had the good fortune in Rockaway to know and work with him. He is indeed a true and talented gentleman.

Dan Guarino


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