A Tree Glows in BC

 A Tree Glows in BC

Even with rain and chill, hundreds turned out for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting on Sunday, December 11, at the Broad Channel Athletic Club Field. Performances by BC Girl Scout Troop 04434 and the New Life Choir were followed by Santa’s arrival aboard a BC Volunteer Fire Department engine. With BCAC President Jack Allen, VP Joe Traegler, guests Monsignor Richard Ahlemeyer, Councilwoman Joann Ariola and Fred Lisena, whose garden center donated the tree, Santa led the countdown as BC Mardi Gras Mayor Robbie O’Hare hit the switch to light it up. Afterward the Big Man in Red stayed to chat, take photos and give a small toy to each child, and a few grown-ups, that came through, before dashing, dashing away!

Story and Photos
By Dan Guarino

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