About the Cover

 About the Cover

This year’s cover was submitted to our 2024 photo contest by Joshua Ward North, a local photographer (Ward North Photography LLC) who lives in Brooklyn. According to Joshua, in the summer, Rockaway Beach becomes his backyard and he goes out with his bike multiple times a week.

Joshua explained that this awesome cover photo was taken one day in the late summer, after spending the day on various Rockaway beaches, and he was riding down the boardwalk enjoying the serene beach scene.  He stopped at Beach 97th St. to grab a bite to eat, and he looked out and saw the beautiful scene of the photo.  According to Joshua, “This tableau was directly in front of me and encapsulated that end-of-summer feeling where the air is warm, but the crowds of people have already diminished. I knew this picture would warm me up during the winter months with daydreams of future summer days.”

We could not agree more.  What a great shot! Thank you, Joshua for submitting it to us!  If people would like to see more of Joshua’s work, they can visit his website at www.wardnorth.com or Instagram at wardnorthphotography.


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