An Outdoor Asifah in Far Rockaway

 An Outdoor Asifah  in Far Rockaway

Story and Photos
By Theresa M Racine

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Israel, on Monday October 23, the Far Rockaway- Five Towns Community called for an outdoor Asifah, calling all women, men, and especially children to join in prayer and to hear uplifting messages from distinguished rabbanim and roshei yeshiva.

The streets were filled with high security counter terrorism, NYPD, Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol and drones in the sky, to keep everyone safe at the event on Reads Lane. At least five hundred or more flooded the area to pray with Rabbi Yaakov Bender and Rabbi Eytan Feiner. Prayers came from Psalms 83: a prayer for protection during war, and Psalm 142, when the nation is in pain. Together, all joined in singing songs like Acheinu- We are all one family, Ani Ma’Amin- We believe G-d will save us, and V’Hee She’Amda – We stand tall like our forefathers.

One attendee, 16-year-old Eliana Ackermen, told The Rockaway Times, “I believe G-d has me, and He is protecting us, and we all will find unity in our time of pain.”

There have been 360,000 reservists called to serve in Israel since the attacks on October 7. At the Asifah on Monday, a brief video was shown of a soldier speaking from the battlefield, thanking the community for the support for having this event, which meant so much to them. He encouraged everyone to make the event meaningful, show kindness and stay optimistic with the belief that they will continue to win this war.

The message was very clear, they will find unity in time of their pain, and their G-d will save us.

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