Answering Your Questions!!!

 Answering Your Questions!!!

Hey Wrestle Talk fans!! This week we will answer the questions sent in by you, our loyal fans!

The First Question of the Week comes from Ryan L. in Far Rockaway, and he asked, “Is it true The Rock will be on next year’s WrestleMania?” Hi Ryan, okay, the reports are saying that it appears The Rock will be appearing at next year’s WrestleMania (2024). He was reportedly supposed to appear at this year’s WrestleMania but couldn’t as he was not prepared to compete in the ring. But we will keep everyone posted if the reports are confirmed in the coming months. Thanks for the question!

The Second Question of the Week comes John K. in Rockaway Park, and he asked, “Did you watch the Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul match at WWE Crown Jewel, and what do think of Logan as U.S. Champion?” Hi John, first, I never liked Logan Paul. I don’t like him as a wrestler or pretty much as anything. Never was a fan of his. As for the Crown Jewel Live Premium Event, I have boycotted watching that event since it first came out. I don’t believe the WWE should be involved in doing business in Saudi Arabia. But unfortunately, money talks and they keep holding shows over there. I feel the WWE U.S. Champion should still be Rey Mysterio or, in the future, LA Knight. Thanks for the question!

The Third Question of the Week comes from Sean H. in Rockaway Beach, and he asked, “Are there any updates on a Randy Orton return?” Hi Sean, so, as per Fightful Select, Randy Orton is scheduled to make his return ahead of this year’s Survivor Series Premium Live Event. The reports further state that Randy is to join the team of Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn and Jey Uso at the WarGames Match. Now, we’re hearing rumors that Randy Orton may be scheduled to win a WWE Championship upon his return back to the WWE, but we note that’s still only a rumor. Thanks for the question!

The Fourth and Final Question of the Week comes from Thomas P. in Belle Harbor, and he asked “Why is Ric Flair still involved in the wrestling business? Just saw him on AEW with Sting. He needs to stay retired. What are your thoughts?” Hi Thomas! Ok, so, I have to say this, I’m not taking Ric Flair signing with AEW as a big deal. I’m told his contract is for two years, and I feel after one year into his contract, and after Sting finally retires, we will see Ric Flair fade away from AEW TV. Bringing him into AEW and having him with Sting will be interesting to watch. But, again, I don’t see him lasting too long. I do want to try his New Energy Drink, “Wooooo! Energy,” which, during his next two years with AEW, will become the exclusive drink of AEW. Thanks for the question!

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