Answering Your Questions!

 Answering Your Questions!

This week, we will take the opportunity to answer your questions.

The first question comes from Tony S. in Rockaway Park, and he asked, “Who do you think will win the match between Ring Of Honor (ROH) World Champion Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston?” Well, that match is scheduled for the ROH PPV “Supercard of Honor” on March 31, 2023, and I believe Claudio Castagnoli will win and retain the ROH World Title. Claudio is definitely positioned well within the company, and I see him being champion until the end of the year.

The second question comes from Monica G. in Arverne, and she asked, “Will Alexa Bliss still appear at this year’s WrestleMania? I heard she was dealing with an illness.” Monica, as far as I am aware, Alexa has stated she was being treated for skin cancer. Alexa hasn’t been seen on television since losing the Raw Women’s Championship to Bianca Belair at this year’s Royal Rumble Event. She is scheduled to appear at the WrestleMania weekend events.

The third question comes from Sammy J. in Far Rockaway, and he noted, “I feel CM Punk should eventually be nominated for the WWE Hall of Fame – if not this year’s, most definitely for the next Hall of Fame in 2024. Any thoughts?” OK, Sammy, let’s say CM Punk leaves AEW sometime this year, and he makes amends with the WWE. There are still a number of other former WWE Superstars who are well ahead of CM Punk. I do agree that he is definitely a future Hall of Famer, but as for next year or the year after that, well, I don’t see it happening.

The fourth and last question comes from Chase K. in Breezy Point, and he said, “I heard that the WWE will be coming out with a new Championship Belt. Do you know when and what it will look like?” Chase, the reports of a new Championship Belt are true and have been confirmed by Louis Dangoor from WrestleVotes. But, at this time, we do not have any information on what it will look like, when it will be introduced, or even if it’s a new World Title. I feel we might see some news about the belt after this year’s WrestleMania.

Great questions everybody!

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