Ariola Organizes Clean Up Operation

In recent weeks, Councilwoman Joann Ariola has organized clean-up operations throughout District 32, living up to her commitment to enhance the quality of life for all area residents.

“The people of District 32 should not be seeing piles of trash when they leave their homes,” Councilwoman Ariola said. “From Rockaway to Woodhaven, my staff and I have been working closely with the Department of Sanitation to clean up eyesores throughout the district. I would like to give a special thanks to my staff for staying so on top of these things, and for being so diligent in following up with the DSNY to make sure these places get cleaned and remain as such.”

DSNY crews, in the last two weeks, have paid several visits to dump-out sites along Shore Parkway, as well as to the Rockaway Freeway and the Holland Avenue shopping center. In each instance, crews loaded multiple bags of trash and other debris into their vehicles and pledged to make return visits to ensure those locations remain tidy.

If anyone sees any illegal dump-outs or unpicked-up trash in the district, the Councilwoman urges residents to contact her office at 718-318-6411.

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