‘Art in the Open Air’ Returns

 ‘Art in the Open Air’ Returns

By Juvie Anne Alfeche, RISE Public Programs Coordinator

“Art in the Open Air” is back with its second of four free workshops. Amelia Marzec will host a session on paper-cutting during Rockaway Market Street @ Beach 60th on Saturday, September 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This event, courtesy of National Endowment for the Arts/Artworks, Radical Imagination for Racial Justice by Hester Street and Surdna Foundation, and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Development Fund, will be a delightful journey into the world of Slavic folk art. Paper-cutting, also known as wycinanki or výrez in Slavic languages, is a traditional form of decorative folk art that has been cherished for generations in Eastern Europe. It is a technique that originated with shepherds passing the time and then used to decorate homes. It involves cutting intricate designs from paper and creating stunning pieces that tell a story of nature, folklore, or daily life.

Marzec is an artist who is dedicated to both revitalizing and actively engaging with local communications infrastructure as a proactive response to an uncertain future. Her extensive artistic journey encompasses community involvement through various means, such as workshops that seamlessly weave participants’ narratives into her creations and interactive and participatory performances.

If you are curious about paper-cutting or simply looking for a unique way to spend a Saturday morning, you won’t want to miss this workshop. Come and experience the magic of transforming ordinary paper into extraordinary works of art, and in doing so, connect with a rich cultural tradition that spans generations.

Go to riserockaway.org/events to register.

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