Arverne has a rich past as one of Rockaway’s most historically important and transitive neighborhoods. Today, the area’s boundaries are generally defined as stretching from Beach 56th Street going west to Beach 79th Street. The neighborhood proper gets its name from a developer and lawyer named Remington Vernam, as his wife realized that the way he signed his checks (“R. Vernam”) would make for a distinctive name.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Arverne was a vacation destination for wealthy visitors and some year-round residents. Today, Arverne is a mix of lower-to-middle class housing, including public housing, with a number of businesses lining the streets. The main thoroughfare is Beach Channel Drive, and the area is served mainly by the Q22 and Q52 buses and two stops on the A train (Beach 67th Street and Beach 59th Street). The primary school in Arverne is PS/MS 42 (The R. Vernam School), whose most noted alumnus is Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine. The south side of Arverne has experienced a complete makeover since the development of Arverne by the Sea.

What else? Goody’s, Starbucks, and Arverne Cinema are some area attractions to check out.

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