ASPCA Gives Back

 ASPCA Gives Back

I am so happy to write this article and share about this service that was desperately needed. I have four cats after taking in another feral baby. I kept asking around for people to come and help me with my new cat’s claws to no avail. Fortunately, one of the girls in my building said, “did you hear about the truck?” I said, “No,” so she sent me the ASPCA flyer. I made my appointment and now I have no more issues, at least with the claws. Now his teeth are another story. All kidding aside, it took my groomer Paisley probably less than three minutes. She was so great with Goldie.

The ASPCA recognizes that many pet owners in New York City have limited access to affordable critical pet care services, including grooming. So now, every Friday the ASPCA will be hosting a grooming event for dogs in different neighborhoods in NYC. These are all appointment based. Services offered include medical grooming and nail trimmings. Programs like these are valuable pet services are often very expensive and sometimes geographically people cannot get to a place to actually have their dogs and or cats taken care of. The community engagement team works closely with other ASPCA departments and the NYPD and human service providers to connect pets with vital services,

They educate the owners of the dogs to shave, clip and trim their own dogs’ nails. By doing this, it promotes good quality of life for people’s pets. The ASPCA also has other programs for all to get involved in, such as their TNR certification program and online courses.

I met a team of very nice people as well, all very helpful. Anna Hernandez who is a Senior Manager said, “By providing affordable grooming services, the ASPCA strives to keep New York City pets healthy and happy in their homes with their families who loves them  Especially those residing in areas with limited or no grooming services available.”

For more information on how you can utilize services from the ASPCA, go to their website

Remember, if you see cruelty toward any animal, call 911 or 311.

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