Assemblywoman Tackles Drug Driving

 Assemblywoman Tackles Drug Driving

Last week, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato stood side-by-side in solidarity with family members who had lost loved ones during an effort to change the archaic drug laws in New York State. The bill, A.174, which Pheffer Amato is the prime co-sponsor of, is considered the most robust and powerful attempt to strengthen New York State laws with regards to driving while impaired by drugs. “I don’t want to see one more person die because of an outdated law. By changing the drug laws, we are giving the police and district attorney’s the tools to go after the criminals and get those who put our loved ones in danger off our streets,” Pheffer Amato said.

Currently, the New York State drug laws require that in order to be arrested or prosecuted for most drugs, the drug must be named in the law, also known as “the list.” Without that drug being listed, minimal charges can be brought forward resulting in it being harder to keep drug dealers off the street. This bill reverses that and would include additional drug testing options for police officers, while also clarifying definitions for intoxication and impairment.

The bill is currently in the New York State Assembly Transportation Committee.

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