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My son shared some helpful advice he received from one of his bosses who happens to be 89 years old and yes, is still working in a job he loves. Inspiration is often found in one’s life lessons when passed down to the next generation. I thought I would share some of the words of wisdom in this column.

When you meet someone new, treat that person as a friend. Assume he or she is a winner and will become a positive force in your life. We often wait for someone to prove themselves before giving them an opportunity to be part of our circle. Sometimes you will be disappointed, but you will broaden your network by following this mindset.

Read all the time. Don’t just do it because you are curious about something, read actively. Have a point of view before you start a book or article and see if what you think is confirmed or refuted by the author. If you do that, you will read faster and comprehend more. I think it’s important to always be open minded and fair.

Get enough sleep. Seven hours until you’re sixty, eight from sixty to seventy, nine thereafter, which might include a one-hour nap. Sleep is everything and yet so many have difficulty resting.

Evolve. Try to think of your life in phases so you can avoid burn-out. Do the numbers crunching in the early phase of your career, then try developing concepts later on. Stay at risk throughout the process.

Travel extensively. Try to get everywhere before you wear out. Attempt to meet local interesting people where you travel and keep in contact with them throughout your life. Meet up with them again when you return to the place.

Try to relieve pain rather than spread joy. Music, theater and art museums have many affluent supporters, give the best parties and can add to your social luster in a community. They don’t need you. Social service, hospitals and educational institutions can make the world a better place and help the disadvantaged make their way toward the American dream. I hope you choose the path of service.

Try to be comfortable with who you are. Be kind and likeable. This could take a lifetime for some of us but in the end it’s all that matters. Be kind and honest.

Don’t try to be better than your competitors, but rather try to be different. There is always going to be someone smarter than you, but there may not be someone who is more imaginative. We are all artists in our own special way.

When seeking a career as you come out of school or making a job change, always take the job that looks like it will be the most enjoyable. If it pays the most, you’re lucky. If it doesn’t, take it anyway. Often the jobs that pay the least turn out to be the best investment.

There is a perfect job out there for everyone. Most people never find it. Keep looking. The goal of life is to be a happy person and the right job is essential to that.

Find someone younger to mentor. It is very satisfying to help someone steer through life’s obstacles, and you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn in the process. We are all here to help and support one another.

Every year, try doing something you have never done before that is totally out of your comfort zone. It could be running a marathon, attending a conference or retreat that interests you on an off-beat subject that will be populated by people very different from your usual circle of associates and friends or travel to an obscure destination ALONE.  This will add to the essential process of self -discovery.

Never retire. If you work forever, you can live forever. I know there is an abundance of biological evidence against this theory, but I’m going with it anyway.

Hoping that you enjoyed some life lessons from a very successful, happy human being. We never know how long we have to live but we do know it’s not that long! So live, love, dance, do what makes your heart sing. May you live with ease and comfort.

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