Beach /Etiquette Issues Part III

 Beach /Etiquette Issues  Part III

By Beth Hanning

Thank you for all of the emails. Now to begin, let me tell you about my history with dogs. I was not a dog lover. I only got my two daughters a Yorkie in 2007 when we had to move out of state due to my husband’s job. Well, little did I know, I would become a dog lover. I loved it when Rocky came running to the door when I came home from work and was so excited to see me. But I was not a dog owner who brought my dog everywhere.

I got a large number of emails regarding dogs on the beach. I know this is going to be a controversial topic and I will receive a lot of emails, especially from my dog friends. HOWEVER, according to, “During beach season, dogs are not allowed on public beaches unless they are identified as a service animal. Dogs are not allowed on the sand at any New York City public beach.” Sorry people, it is the law. I had a few debates with people, aka dog lovers, this weekend and they discussed dogs vs. people and stated that dogs do not leave the mess behind that people leave. I agree but dogs do go to the bathroom on the beach and as we know, many people do not pick up after their dogs as seen on the boardwalk quite often.

The website states that the dogs can return to the beach from October 1 until Memorial Day. Do not ask me why the break from end of summer until October 1.

Now I did not know this but according to 311 as well: “Leashed dogs are allowed on the boardwalks or promenades at the following beaches: Orchard Beach, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Midland Beach, South Beach, Manhattan Beach.” NOT ROCKAWAY? So, dogs are not even allowed on the boardwalk! Again, sorry my dog friends. So why do we have so much feces on the boards when dogs are technically not allowed?!

Now, I also did some research on Riis Park and they have the same rules regarding the beaches.

I know people are going to complain but these are in fact the rules. They are going to ask what they are supposed to do with their dogs? I pass the dog park on Beach 88th Street every day on my way home from work and I see many dogs and their owners enjoying the park. If you would like to travel, Time Out New York Magazine has a list of the 17 best dog parks in New York City!

Please do not kill the messenger. I am just addressing the many emails I received regarding this.

Have a good week everyone. Hopefully, we have some more nice weather this weekend!

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