Beach Etiquette Part 2

 Beach Etiquette  Part 2

By Beth Hanning

Thank you so much for all of your emails this past week. Everyone seems to be on the same page with people needing beach etiquette. I just want to note these rules are for everyone, not just our visitors. I saw some interesting people on a very long ferry line this weekend.

Rule 4: PDAs. Our beach is a public beach, not a private beach on a romantic getaway. You may hold hands but do not make out in the water or on your blanket. I have seen women straddling their partner on their blanket, on a weekend! Last summer I saw much worse but this is a family newspaper. Thanks.

Rule 5: As far as beach umbrellas go, we do not want someone to get impaled while trying to enjoy a sunny day at the beach. I understand skin cancer and sunburn are a factor in you wanting to sit underneath the shade, but you need to put in some effort. Dig a hole and make sure it is securely in the sand. It does take some effort. If you need help, ask. I am sure each beach has an umbrella guru. We have plenty.

Rule 6: Do not change your clothes on the beach. Walk to the nearest restroom and change out of your bathing suit into the attire you wish to wear for your commute home. No one wants to see this. Also, do not take a full shower with soap and shampoo at the showers on the boardwalk. Those showers are for cleaning off the sand, not your full body shower.

Rule 7: This rule is not really for the beach but it applies to walking around the streets and in the neighborhood businesses. Shirts and shoes are not optional. Put them on. I do not care if you are thin and can rock the look, many of you cannot. This rule especially goes into effect after dark. I saw some young ladies at dusk in great shape in a string bikini and very small denim shorts that were unbuttoned to show her also extremely small string bikini bottom.

Rule 8: Do not feed the seagulls…Us locals call them the beach rats. Would you feed a rat on the subway? I do not think so. Please do not leave food around as it will attract the beach rats. Also, be careful with your food, they will eat it right out of your hand. I had a seagull take a full slice of pizza off a plate as I was passing it to my daughter.

Rule 9: I know it is legal in New York City but can people stop smoking weed everywhere? I received an email over the winter asking me to address this and I got a text Saturday that the beach stunk of it!

Have a great week everyone. Did I miss something? Email me at

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