Calling All Artists!

The Rockaway Artist Alliance is looking for submissions for their new exhibition: “All Who Wander.” For this juried exhibition, Rockaway Artists Alliance is seeking work that explores or documents our trips, travels, forced evacuations, escapes, and arrivals. The exhibition will take place at the T7 Gallery at historic Fort Tilden in NYC, and will be on view from May 18 to August 17, 2024.

“All who wander are not lost,” but perhaps some are. So much of one’s life can be defined by how and why we went from Point A to Point B – and beyond. From youthful road trips on shoestring budgets to stressful business trips that leave us wondering – Is this what I worked so hard for? Destination weddings, gap years, second honeymoons, hiking the Appalachian trail – all are documented in social media feeds of seniors and those just starting out. There are flights from cartels and war, migrations, refugees, the search for desperately needed gallons of water stashed in the shade of saguaros.

Citizens of the globe are in motion – leaving, coming, leaving, staying. Through widely varied circumstances– survival, exploration, healing a broken heart, starting over, having the privilege of being able to take a break, and more – we relocate ourselves physically and often spin our internal axis permanently.

Juror Eto Otitigbe (Brooklyn College) will award one artist “best in show.” The selected artist will receive a solo exhibition in our “East Gallery” in 2025.

For further details and to submit artwork, scan the QR code:

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