By Robin Shapiro

I recently picked up two new listings from people who were aggravated with their former broker. They were so aggravated, that they were impatient for their exclusive agreement with that broker to end. There was constant pressure to lower the listing price, including begging and cajoling. There were deceitful sales techniques, like initially making a bogus offer for the property. The offer was bogus because it was for the broker’s own investment (the broker did divulge this fact) and it was BELOW MARKET or certainly below what the broker KNEW the clients would accept. The clients realized in hindsight that the broker was using this technique to GET A FOOT IN THE DOOR – to impress the clients enough to obtain the listing.

Also, in a phony attempt to show sales strength, the broker would bring inappropriate potential buyers (sometimes called “beards”) for viewings. These “beards” had no interest in the property – either because of price, or other reasons – and the broker knew this, or should have known it.

I was happy to take these listings that were reasonably priced attractive homes. Have a great Mother’s Day this Sunday.  Call me. Love, Robin.  

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